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Fists in Solidarity

The main issue that prompted parents in this group to come together was the proposed bill "A.8378" by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. This raises serious concerns to parents and local community members, as it would attempt to take away parental choice and mandate all children from the age of 2 months and up to take the "CV-19 JAB" in order to attend school. (For more information on this bill, click here)


We all need to take a stand and demand for our local, county, and state legislators to fight with us against NY Bill A.8378's proposed mandates. If you share our stance, we need your help by taking an active role by joining forces with us in protecting our parental rights as well as working to ensure that our children do not become victims of unfair mandates and unresearched medications lacking long-term safety protocols and data.

Click here to join Valhalla Parents' Choice


We can no longer stay quiet sitting on the sidelines.

The safety and future of our children depends on us and

what we DO to protect them.


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