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(The following is a list of NY Government Officials who oppose bill A.8378, are against vaccine mandates or disagree with Governor Hochul's mandates)

Rob Astorino

NY Governor Candidate | Former Westchester County Executive

Rob Astorino is standing with our community in the fight to keep our freedoms! He is a former two-term Westchester County Executive, and he will be running for New York State Governor in the next election. He recently held a rally against Dinowitz bill A.8378 and touched on the many issues that come with this bill. He is for PARENTAL CHOICE, and that's what we need!

John Salka

NYS Assemblyman, District 121

Assemblyman John Salka is the proposer of the bill A4269 and he has joined forces with the NYSCER group to fight with us against these mandates. He recently did a podcast with the founder of the NYSCER group. See the link below to watch the podcast.

Peter Oberacker

NYS Senator, District 51

Senator Peter Oberacker is the proposer of the bill S4376, which would prohibit a mandatory immunization against the coronavirus. 

David DiPietro

NYS Assemblyman, District 147

Proposer of the bill A7042 to establish strict liability for injuries caused by required immunizations that are mandated by the state law and gives the court of claims the power and jurisdiction to hear such a claim. He is also the proposer of bill A5277 to exempt private and parochial schools and day care centers from immunization requirements.

Robert Ortt

NYS Senator, District 62

Proposer of the bill S3659 to exempt private and parochial schools and day care centers from immunization requirements.

Andrew Lanza

NYS Senator, District 24

Proposer of the bill S5157 to reestablish strict liability for injuries caused by required immunizations.

Anthony Palumbo

NYS Senator, District 1

Proposer of the bill S6107 relating to the use of a standardized immunization exemption form.

Angelo Santabarbara

NYS Assemblyman, District 111

Proposer of the bill A1894 relating to the use of a standardized immunization exemption form.

Patrick Gallivan

NYS Senator, District 59

Proposer of the bill S2677 relating to a religious exemption from vaccination requirements.

Mike Martucci

NYS Senator, District 42

Proposer of the bill S7392 which relates to eliminating the mask requirement in day care centers for children ages 5 and under.

Toni Addonizio

NY Putnam County Legislator, District 3

During the first week of December, Toni Addonizio held a discussion at Paladin Center (Putnam County, NY) about the proposed CV-19 vax mandates for children. It is said that she has already drafted a resolution that would oppose the potential mandate.

Marcus Molinaro

NY Dutchess County Executive

Marcus is against Governor Hochul's state mandates. He recently wrote "I cannot support the State's new mandate. As we educate and inform residents to take the necessary mitigation steps to protect themselves and those they love, we will not escalate tension or conflict or further burden our local small businesses by allocating resources we do not have to this impractical and unenforceable measure"

He also stated in a recent post: "I do not come from a partisan or political perspective, and I live with the pain of losing my father from this virus...From a practical perspective, the State's newest mandate is unenforceable and will become confrontational - and they know it..."

Mary Ellen Odell

NY Putnam County Executive

Putnam County Executive released a public statement on December 12, 2021 stating that, "Putnam County will not be enforcing an unrealistic "Be Vaxed or Be Masked" mandate (as per Governor Hochul's order)....Governor Hochul never consulted with County Executives before instituting a mandate that would force us to deploy county resources that are essential for fighting the spread of COVID-19. County Executives throughout the state had hoped that the change in governor's office would have led to an improved partnership between the state and counties. Clearly, we are still waiting for that change."

Ed Day

NY Rockland County Executive

Rockland County Executive released a public statement on December 10, 2021 stating, "We have seen this movie before. Again, and despite reassurances from Governor Hochul after she took office that she would not govern via press conference and would foster and welcome discussion with County Executives, today we saw a return to the prior Governor's playbook...I told the Governor's staff that we cannot and will not enforce this requirement as it currently stands. how do you enforce something that is based on press release that does not contain adequate information and explanation? The Governor has said that this program will be reevaluated on January 15, 2022, but what metrics will be used as part of this reevaluation?"

Bruce Blakeman

NY Candidate for Nassau County Executive

Bruce Blakeman does not agree with Governor Hochul's mandates. He recently shared on social media: "Come January 1st, my administration will move Nassau forward with a common-sense approach that acknowledges the facts, science, and progress made by our residents while also protecting businesses and jobs from any further damage created by government mandates. Nassau County is not in crisis, and should not be painted with the same broad brush as the rest of the state. 97% of adults in Nassau County have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, and Nassau hospitals have adequate capacity to handle existing demand."

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