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Our focus is to protect OUR CHILDREN, THEIR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING, & THEIR EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS, PROTECT OUR PARENTAL RIGHTS and KEEP OUR FREEDOMS. We need our voices to be heard.  We need to grow in numbers as much as possible, be vocal, as well as gain/build support from local, county, and state governmental leaders, school officials, and lawmakers. If we expect our voices to be heard and have an impact, we need to be LOUD, present facts, (in saying that we DO NOT agree to NY Bill A.8378). We need to be persistent, consistent, present at Board meetings, in writing letters and making phone calls, and being repetitive in voicing our concerns. We need to ask what specific action steps our officials plan on doing to support our views as well as address our concerns. They need to be held accountable for having an active and important role in what happens in the schools in our communities as well!

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