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We come from proud families in Valhalla that realize a line has been drawn on our parental rights and our freedoms along with coercion of our children, while simultaneously messing around with our children's educational rights. A mandated medication with a lack of safety protocols and lack of long-term clinical safety data forced upon our children is not acceptable.  We understand we need, with a sense of urgency, to stand up now and unite  to fight to maintain our parental rights and freedoms, and protect the safety and educational rights of our children.  We need YOU to join us so we can swiftly grow in #s  (strength in #s) and stand together for positive change in our Valhalla community and school district.  We cannot sit quietly on the sidelines any longer.  We need to step up, show up, and speak out in voicing our like-minded concerns, consistently and repeatedly in large #s in our community so we are heard, and heard loudly about the issues that are important to us (opposing NY BILL A.8378). In order to make impact, we need to request specific action steps along with timeline expectations from our local, county-wide, and state leaders on what they are specifically going to do to address our concerns.  They need to be called out as well as held accountable for providing vague or passive responses to our concerns and take an active role to stand with us and support us a community-wide members in large numbers.  We, as parents with children in the schools in Valhalla deserve clear-cut answers and action-oriented solutions explained in detail from our community leaders.  We can no longer be passive, quiet, timid nor ignored.  It is time to get out of our comfort zones.  For, we as parents need to now fight for our freedoms to make our own medical choices for our children.


BILL A.8378


This proposed bill is currently in Assembly (Health Committee) and we need to stop this before it's too late. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz is trying to enforce CV vaccine mandates on our children ages 2 months and up in order to attend school. We need to fight this bill based on our beliefs of FREEDOM TO CHOOSE and PARENTAL RIGHTS!


More information on this bill is here:

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