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The more people who feel the same way and TAKE ACTION, the more IMPACT we will have in influencing change. Please scroll through the information below to see what you can do today to start making a difference. There is also a link below to the "RESOURCES" page where you will find letter templates.

Also, make sure to go check out the "NYS BILLS" tab above (underneath TAKE ACTION) for further information and click the links to SUPPORT or OPPOSE the bills listed.


Our "GET INVOLVED" page provides even more ways you can TAKE ACTION, GET INVOLVED, or CONTRIBUTE in this group-wide effort!  


What You Can Do to Help Today!

Find Out Who Are Your Legislators

To search for your local assembly member, please CLICK HERE

To search for your senator, please CLICK HERE

Once you find the contact information for your legislators, give them a call and email them your concerns (we will provide letter templates under the "RESOURCE" section, that you can use). Let them know you OPPOSE bill A.8378! 

Contact Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz (Proposer of Bill A.8378)

Bill A.8378 was written and proposed by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.  Our main priority is to fight back in opposing this bill in as many ways as possible before they have a chance to pass it! A.8378 is also in the Health Committee at this time. Call, email, send letters as many times as you can...tell him you OPPOSE!

(There are also more bills like this that raise concern.  See page "BILLS" to learn about other bills to oppose!)

Contact Assemblyman, Jeffrey Dinowtiz:

Contact Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul needs to know that people oppose bill A.8378! Make your voice heard and tell her how you feel. Tell her you oppose her illegal "mask the children in school" mandate. Tell her you oppose her illegal declaration of a "state of emergency". Tell her you oppose her illegal "mask or show proof of vax" mandate. Call her and continue sending her letters frequently!

Contact Governor, Kathy Hochul:

  • Phone: 518-474-8390

  • Address: The Honorable Kathy Hochul
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

Attend Board of Education Meetings

Attend as many Board of Education meetings as possible. It is extremely important as they have a large part in what happens in Valhalla schools and listen to members of the community as they voice their concerns. Anyone from the public can voice "public comment" for five minutes. There needs to be as many people as possible present in person at the BOE meetings whether you decide to speak out, or choose to stay quiet in the background. Strength in numbers!

Please CLICK HERE to see the video of the January 25, 2022 BOE meeting. (It's worth the watch).  This was the second time that the Valhalla BOE had a full room of people from Valhalla Parents' Choice there and an amazing brave student spoke as well!  We need this to happen again and again with more and more people showing up each time.

Be there at the next BOE meeting, stand with us, (or sit) and up to make a change too!

Send Out Letters - Mail and/or Email

By visiting the RESOURCES page, you can use the sample letter templates to email or mail them to government officials. They can also be used as a phone call script, if you're not sure what to say when you call their offices.


Be sure to print out (the pre-made) letter templates (at least once a week) and fill in your name and send them to your state officials to express your concerns and stance in writing.  It is also important to call governmental officials and have them and/or their staff hear your voice of how you disagree (out loud verbally) to bill A.8378 and why.


It may be uncomfortable to make that first call but after you make the first two, it becomes easier and easier!

Contact these 18 Assembly members who are in collusion with Gov. Hochul

It appears that there is a group of 18 Assembly members collaborating with Governor Hochul to request the removal of mask mandates ONLY for vaccinated students. They are trying everything in their power to pit children against children & parents against parents. This insidious segregation is NOT okay, and we need to stop it!

Please see the document below with the list of 18 Assembly members to contact about your concerns. The anonymous parent who provided this document also wrote a short script you can use when you call them.

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